Novell eDirectory 8.7.x Readme Addendum

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Novell eDirectory 8.7.x Readme Addendum


Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for NetWare

Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for Windows NT/2000

Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for Solaris

Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for Linux



Novell Technical Support provides this document for the purpose of helping customers during an upgrade to eDirectory 8.7.x  It is important to note that you should use this document in conjunction with the product documentation. This document is a LIVING document and will be updated frequently to keep the most current and up to date information available to all customers.


NOVL6545 [no longer available]NOVL65451 - New versioning standards for eDirectory 8.6 or greater
A brief description of the new versioning standards that come with both eDirectory 8.6 and eDirectory 8.7

NOVL83178 - Slow response time when searching for dynamic groups with one million or more users

NOVL86105 - How to turn on debug screens during eDirectory 8.7 installations.

NOVL83406 - Refresh problems in Trace Configuration with iMonitor 2.0

NOVL83405 - The SNMP subagent configuration files are over written with new install of eDirectory 8.7
This is only an issue if upgrading from a BETA version of eDirectory 8.7 to the shipping version of eDirectory 8.7

NOVL80465 - Resolving -761 errors
If all versions of DS in the replica ring are not current, a partition merge may fail, causing -761 errors.

NOVL83874 - Error: Insufficient rights to modify schema during eDirectory 8.7 install
Container administrators can't install eDirectory because schema did not get extended.

NOVL83923 - Error: the dynamic link library CCSW32.DLL could not be found
NICI 2.4.x or greater must be installed on the workstation running ConsoleOne before eDirectory 8.7 servers can be accessed using ConsoleOne.

NOVL84157 - Can not perform partition operations in ConsoleOne without getting and unknown error
An unknown error occurs in ConsoleOne while doing partition operations with eDirectory 8.7 and DS 6.x in the same ring.

NOVL84123 - Error: "Invalid API" when launching DSREPAIR
If DSREPAIR from the patches directory on the eDirectory server is copied to an existing server, the above error may occur.

NOVL84273 - Error: Unable to connect to the specified server
The tree wide health check fails on Netware 4.x servers running NDS 6.x

NOVL85174 - Error adding "houseIdentifier" schema attribute during eDirectory 8.7 install

NOVL85333 - Synchronization errors while sending objects to a filtered replica.
If schema is deleted in the tree, the filtered replicas can have synchronization issues.

NOVL86395 - Schema on source and target servers are not the same during a tree merge
Even though schema import was successful, schema flags are still different.

NOVL85178 - Queue Based  Printers no longer servicing Queues after upgrade to eDirectory 8.7

NOVL85085 - Collision renamed objects show Error 609\646 in Dstrace
Dstrace shows 646 or 609 errors in object synchronization on a renamed object.

NOVL87657 - Cannot run a Dsrepair -RC
Dsrepair hangs or reports insufficient disk space when trying to create a database archive.

NOVL88749 - Error Invalid ID in DSREPAIR
DSREPAIR errors appear and won't go away.

Long Term Cache Hits are 0% or near 0% in MONITOR.NLM
MONITOR.NLM incorrectly reports that there is not enough memory on the server.

The LDAP Snapin is older than the LDAP object you are trying to administer in ConsoleOne
This error will occur if the 8703 or 8704 patch is applied.



NOVL84130 - Tips and Tricks in Troubleshooting iManager 1.5
iManager is a complex environment.  This document will give some good starting points to look at when troubleshooting errors received in iManager.

NOVL84402 - JClient Exception when logging into iManager 1.5 on Linux

NOVL85259 - Can iManager run on a server running eDirectory 8.6.x?

NOVL85260 - Error: System Error Could not find native libraries for com.novell.emframe.fw.NDSNamespaceAuthenticator

NOVL82229  - How to get iManager 1.5 to run on the same server that is running eDirectory 8.5 
The Novell Certificate Server Plugins fail when run in iManager 1.5 on a server running eDirectory 8.5

NOVL82672  - Cannot assign an Org Role or Alias object to an iManager Role
This feature should be available in a future release of iManager.

NOVL71664 - iManager message: "No roles or tasks have been assigned to this user."

This TID outlines some basic troubleshooting steps if the above message is seen in iManager.  This applies to all versions of iManager.

NOVL85442 - Installing Novell iManager 1.5 silently (unattended)
Use the instructions outlined in this solution to install iManager 1.5 remotely

NOVL90938 - iManager fails to work after installing on Windows 2000 server.
If eDirectory is already installed on the Windows server and IIS is not installed and you install iManager 1.5.1 or 1.5.2, Apache will fail to install and iManager will not work



Product specific issues for Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for NetWare
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Product specific issues for Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for Windows NT/2000
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 Product specific issues for Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for Solaris
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Product specific issues for Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for Linux
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Product specific issues for Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for AIX
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Product specific issues for Novell eDirectory 8.7.x for HP-UX
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