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LogicSource® is a document that gives experts unique insight into Novell® products. With LogicSource, customers save time and money because they have immediate access to in-depth, detail-oriented information about key processes, error codes, troubleshooting and more. LogicSource is updated at least every quarter, if not more frequently.

Currently available for Novell eDirectory™, GroupWise® and ZENworks® for Desktops, LogicSource includes the following sections:

  • understanding
  • processes
  • error codes
  • troubleshooting


This section provides a core understanding of the product. This includes some details about the design of the product as well as explanations on how that design is implemented. Generally, a feature explanation is given to provide a "level set" that the rest of the document is built on.


Diagrams and explanations of specific tasks/functions within the product are provided in this section. Programatic details are given so that the reader has an in-depth understanding of the process to help them better design, implement, and/or troubleshoot the product.

error codes

This section of LogicSource describes error codes, lists possible causes for errors and suggests actions to resolve them. LogicSource includes the "support experience" with the most common error codes that Novell's customers encounter. This "support experience" adds value by giving better explanations to the error that make the errors code easier to understand with suggestions/resolutions that have fixed other customer issues


Novell's products exist in complex, multi-server environments, and administrators quickly learn that troubleshooting in these integrated environments is not always easy. They often do not know enough about the underlying technology to define network problems properly when they occur. This section of LogicSource is based, in part, on information gathered by Novell technical support staff regarding the maintenance and troubleshooting of Novell products.

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