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This subscription product provides access to Novell's latest software innovations. You'll be able to gain valuable hands-on experience with Novell's leading edge technologies, keeping you well ahead of the competition and giving you an early-adopter advantage in the marketplace. You also receive the Novell Developer Kit (NDK), a comprehensive set of software development tools that can take your technology skills to the next level and allow you to create the custom applications you need.

The Novell Software Evaluation and Development Library is delivered on CDs and DVDs which are updated every 4-6 weeks and on the Subscriber Portal. Product CDs and DVDs include shipping and early-access release versions of Novell software. These products are licensed only for internal testing, development and evaluation.

Software Resources Included

Developer Resources Included

Pricing and Licensing

License Access Price
Standard 2 Servers, 5 Users $399
Expanded 2 Servers, 100 Users $495

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