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Novell Technical Subscriptions

Activation Instructions

Activating Your Subscription

You must activate your subscription before accessing your personal Subscriber Portal. If your subscription package includes several subscriptions, you will be set up with an administrator account to help you assign and monitor them.

The following subscription instructions tell you how to do the following:

Activate your account automatically

When you first enter the Subscriber Portal, see if your subscription or administrator account is listed in the upper right corner of the main page under My Subscriptions. If so, your subscription has been activated automatically, and you do not need to take further action. If your subscription does not appear, follow the instructions below.

Use an activation email

After the Subscriptions Team sets up your subscription or administrator account, you will receive an email message notifying you that your order has been processed. This message includes activation instructions. Take the following steps to activate your subscription:

  1. Click the link indicated in your email. The Novell Login screen appears.
  2. Authenticate to Novell Login. If you don't have a account, select Create a Profile and follow the instructions to create one.
  3. Verify that your activation key and program keys are autofilled under Enter Activation Key, and then click Begin or Continue.
  4. If you are activating an administrator account, read the next screen, which explains what an administrator account is and what you need to do as administrator. Click Begin when you are ready to proceed.
  5. Check the information listed under Available Shipping Address(es). If it is correct, click Select in the top frame. Otherwise, click Create and enter your shipping address.
  6. An activation summary screen appears.
    1. If you are activating a subscription, go to step 7.
    2. If you are activating an administrator account, click Assign Subscriptions and (re)assign subscriptions by specifying the email address of the subscription recipient.

    Note: You do not have to assign all subscriptions in this session. You can visit the Subscriber Portal at any time to make additional assignments.
  7. Click Subscriber Portal and verify that your subscription or administrator account appears under My Subscriptions.

Contact Novell if you misplaced or never received instructions

If you have misplaced or never received an email containing activation instructions, contact the Technical Subscriptions team at and request your activation key. Be sure to specify your contact information and the product you want to activate.

Assign subscriptions after original activation

If you want to assign or reassign some of the subscriptions in your administrator account after your initial activation, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Subscriber Portal Home and log in.
  2. Select your administrator account under My Subscriptions.
  3. Click Manage Subscriptions under Subscriptions Benefits.
  4. Assign or reassign subscriptions by specifying the email address of the subscriptions recipient.

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