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Frequently Asked Questions - General

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General Issues

How do the subscription products differ?

See the Features and Benefits page for a detailed explanation of the key differences between subscription products.

Will Novell protect my personal information?

At Novell, we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting and managing the personal information you share with us. We will keep information that personally identifies you—your name and contact information, for example—secure. Furthermore, Novell will not sell, trade or otherwise make the names of Novell Technical Subscription customers available to any organization outside of Novell, Inc. or its channel affiliates. Please see our online privacy policy for complete details.

I receive subscriptions as a free benefit to another Novell program; how should I respond to your renewal letter?

If you receive your technical subscriptions as an a free entitlement from your Premium Support or PartnerNet contract, and you plan to renew your contract with Novell, you may disregard the renewal letter. However, your entitlement subscriptions will expire when your Premium Support or PartnerNet agreement expires.

If you need more subscriptions than you receive with your entitlement, you may purchase extra subscriptions separately on our website. Partners can receive a discount code by emailing

Alternatively, PartnerNet members can purchase technical subscriptions and resource packs at a reduced price via PartnerNet.

What parts of my subscription can I access online?

How can I get a receipt for my purchase?

Simply request one from the Novell Technical Subscriptions team. Please email us at In your email, please include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your organization's name
  3. The subscription for which you want a receipt

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