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Frequently Asked Questions - Admin Accounts

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Admin Accounts Questions

What is an 'admin account'?

An administrator (admin) account is a tool that allows you to assign and manage multiple subscriptions from a single screen. For example, Novell Tech Select Service includes five subscriptions: one standard Novell Professional Resource Suite subscription (deliverables and portal account) and four electronic Novell Professional Resource Suite subscriptions (portal accounts only). The admin account allows you to designate a recipient for each of these subscriptions. You can also use the admin account to view whether or not the recipients you designated have activated their subscriptions and are receiving their benefits.

Who qualifies for an admin account?

The following qualify for an admin account:

  • Anyone who purchases multiple subscriptions in one session
  • Anyone who receives Novell Tech Select Service (an aggregation of five subscriptions)
  • Anyone who is entitled to multiple subscriptions (such as a Novell partner or a Novell Premium Support customer)

How does it work?

When the account is first set up, the account administrator receives an email with instructions to activate the admin account and assign the subscriptions. The assignees will then receive an email message with activation instructions. Each subscription must be activated before the corresponding owner can receive subscription benefits.

I activated my admin account but have not received my subscription. What's wrong?

The account administrator must do three things before subscription benefits become available:

  1. Activate the admin account
  2. Assign the subscriptions in the account
  3. Verify that the assigned owners have activated their subscriptions

Only after these steps are complete will the subscription benefits become available. If you are an account administrator and want to receive subscription benefits for yourself, you need to assign the applicable subscriptions to yourself and activate them.

If you have completed all three steps and still have not received your benefits, please email

How do I assign or reassign a subscription to another individual?

  1. Access the Subscriber Portal (include link) and log in using your Novell username and. password (or create an account if you do not already have one.)
  2. Select Admin Account under My Subscriptions
  3. Under Subscription Benefits, select Manage Subscriptions
  4. Click Details to check current assignment (If you want to assign or reassign the subscription, click Assign or Reassign, respectively, and specify the email address of the new owner.)

Can I assign the administrator role to someone else within my company?

Yes. To do so, just email your request to

I need help setting up my Admin Account. Who can help me?

Email, and we will be happy to assist you.

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