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Frequently Asked Questions - Licensing

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Licensing Questions

How do the evaluation licenses for the Novell evaluation software work?

There are multiple licensing options for the Novell software included in Novell Technical Subscriptions. For specific information about these options, please see the Licensing page.

Are the software licenses additive?

The licenses which are included in Technical Subscription products are not additive. That is, the licenses are only to be used in conjunction with the evaluation software provided in your Technical Subscription product. If you obtain extra software licenses from some other source, they will not function with the evaluation software you received from your Technical Subscription product.

Why am I asked to update my evaluation software licenses in December when my subscription does not expire until later?

The evaluation software licenses expire at the end of each year regardless of when your actual subscription expires. If your Technical Subscription product contains evaluation software, plan on downloading the upcoming year's licenses at the end of each year.

I am unable to download the licenses for my evaluation software.

There are many reasons why this may be happening. Please email and describe the problems you are encountering. We can then evaluate the problem and get the issue resolved.

May I use evaluation software to run my business?

The software included in Novell Technical Subscriptions is intended for demonstration, evaluation, testing, development and education purposes only. If you would like to use Novell's software in your business, please see your local Novell reseller or visit for information on how to purchase the full retail versions.

I have a licensing question that is not addressed here.

Please email with any further questions.

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