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The Novell Professional Resource suite is a comprehensive collection of the technical resources you need to keep your systems updated, get training on your Novell products, and troubleshoot even the toughest technical issues. The Novell Professional Resource Suite is delivered monthly on CDs and DVDs, providing you to access anytime, anywhere. You can also access the same resources anytime through the Novell Subscriber portal.

Software Resources Included

Advanced Technical Resources Included

Training Resources Included

Support Resources Included

Technical Information Resources Included

Developer Resources Included

Pricing and Licensing

License Access Price
Electronic Standard License Online only
1 person
U.S. $995
Standard License Online for 1 person
1 Physical deliverables kit
U.S. $1,249
Portal Advantage Expanded License Online for 5 people
1 Physical deliverables kit
U.S. $1,999

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