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Novell Technical Subscriptions Forum

For FREE online support and the opportunity to interact with your colleagues in the Technical Subscriptions community, participate in our new Novell' Technical Subscriptions Forum. Designed specifically to target subscribers' questions, this valuable forum joins the subscriber community with Novell system operators (SysOps) and support engineers.

About the Forum

Like other Novell Support Forums, our forum is based on a standard NNTP news server platform. A Web interface is among the flexible options for connecting to the Technical Subscriptions Forum.

The experts include the following standard sections in each LogicSource product:

Accessing the Forum

A news client offers the fastest'and preferred'way to interact with our forum: use this client to connect to our news server at Alternately, you can select one of the interfaces below:

The News interface launches your pre-installed newsreader. And, as its name suggests, the Web interface launches a Web interface. (If possible, use the News interface to avoid the limitations of the Web interface.)

People Behind the Forum

As with other Novell Support Forums, volunteer SysOps from Novell Technical Support monitor the Technical Subscriptions Forum. If needed, these volunteers can directly contact Novell Technical Support. In addition, personnel from the Novell Technical Subscriptions team regularly monitor the forum. And of course, as a participant, you are also welcome to share your knowledge with other participating subscribers.

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