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Novell Technical Subscriptions

Online Upgrade Instructions

It's easy to upgrade your Novell Technical Subscription online. To upgrade your current technical subscription to the Novell Professional Resource Suite, do the following:

  1. Click Upgrade Now (requires login)

    Click the Upgrade Now link above.

  2. Click Begin

    Click Begin to begin the upgrade process.

  3. Log in to Novell's secure server

    Log in to Novell's secure server by entering your username and password. If you don't already have an account, select Create a Profile and follow the instructions to create an account. Then log in.

  4. Select license and discount

    Choose your license type (Standard/Single or Server). Next, select any discount to which you are entitled. Then click the Next button.

  5. Calculate upgrade price

    Select your current subscription as the subscription you are upgrading from and select the number of months remaining on that subscription. Your upgrade price will be calculated automatically and any discounts will be deducted. Confirm the information and then click the Next button.

  6. Verify shipping information

    Verify your shipping information, including your telephone number and e-mail address. Make any necessary corrections, then click the Next button.

  7. Confirm shipping and product information

    Review the shipping and product information that you entered and correct any errors. This page also displays any discounts and shipping charges that will be applied to your order, as well as the final price for the upgrade.

  8. Enter payment information

    Enter your credit card information. Then click the Submit Order button.

  9. Review order summary

    After submitting your information, you will receive an order summary. The summary includes the date and time of your order, the confirmation number, your shipping information, the product information and your credit card information. You may choose to save or print the order summary for your records.

Note: This tool handles only upgrades within the same license level. For example, it handles upgrades from a Standard/Single-user License for Novell Support Ressource Library to a Standard/Single-user license for NPRS. If this tool does not accommodate your particular needs, please e-mail us at

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