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Novell Technical Subscriptions

Technical Information Resources

Save some time! Most Novell Technical Subscriptions include consolidated access to the following technical resources:

Technical Information Documents (TIDs)

Technical Information Documents (TIDs) are produced by customer support and address known defects and issues. TIDs answer product questions and provide solutions to technical problems. In some cases, the documents link to downloadable software, patches and drivers that may be needed to resolve technical issues.

AppNotes articles

Novell AppNotes® is Novell's monthly technical journal for network administrators and software developers. It contains "How-To" articles that address key implementation issues important to IT professionals and articles on administering, designing, implementing and integrating Novell products and systems.

AppNotes covers the entire Novell product line, including the NetWare server operating system, Novell eDirectory and other directory-enabled applications. The journal also features discussions about global and enterprise network solutions.

product documentation

Product Documentation provides access to quick start guides, installation instructions and administration manuals. It also documents new features, configuration steps and system requirements.

Cool Solutions

Cool Solutions offers articles, tips, questions and answers and free tools. Unlike Product Documentation, the Cool Solutions are not officially supported by Novell. Many of the resources posted in Cool Solutions are submitted by other readers who want to help you avoid their problems. Cool Solutions is a place where you can learn what worked for someone else and where you can post what has worked for you.

Novell Connection magazine

Novell Connection is a bi-monthly Novell publication designed for IS professionals who use Novell software in their company networks. Novell Connection also provides technical information and detailed reasons for your potential customers to experience the strength and stability of Novell's Net business solutions. Recent electronic editions of Novell Connection Magazine can be viewed at

support web forums archive

The Support Web Forums Archive is a collection of current and historical peer support forums sponsored by Novell and staffed by volunteer System Operators or SysOps. This archive contains technical information and offers assistance in using and supporting Novell products. The archive contains the complete collection of threads including the initial question as well as the responses and ensuing discussion. Through the archive you can access all of the historically asked questions and answers.

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