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Novell Technical Subscriptions

Support Resources

Keep your software current! If Support Resources are part of your Novell Technical Subscription, you'll have access to the latest updates of the following resources:

Files and Patches

We offer consolidated access to the latest files and patches: you can keep your Novell products up-to-date and your systems at peak performance.

Consolidated Support Packs

Typically released every six months, Consolidated Support Packs™ are collections of patches and fixes (simultaneously tested and released) for key Novell products. Consolidated Support Packs make it easier to keep your software up-to-the-minute and provide a new level of safety by ensuring that all patches and fixes work together seamlessly. Novell recommends applying these support packs as a baseline.

Consolidated Support Packs are delivered with Novell Professional Resource Suite and Novell Software Resource Library. If you were to buy these separately it would cost US$49.00

YES, Tested and Approved Bulletins

Novell's YES bulletins help millions of customers easily identify and purchase third-party hardware and software products that have been tested to be compatible with the Novell product line.

Novell releases a YES bulletin on every YES, Tested and Approved product. Each bulletin includes a product description and also itemizes the Novell products with which the software is compatible. YES bulletins define which products were used in testing and indicate specific product configurations, the date of the testing, special network configuration information, and/or other related information important to product interoperability.

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