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Subscriber Exclusive Resources: Consulting Reports

Consulting Reports

The list below includes the names of all the consulting reports that are currently available to subscribers. Novell Professional Resource Suite customers have access to all of the resources in this list, while Novell Toolkit customers have access to only those reports listed under the product heading that corresponds to their toolkit. (For example, GroupWise Toolkit customers receive only the reports listed under "GroupWise.")


  • Global Tree Integration: Design and Requirements Analysis
  • Global Tree Integration: Implementation Guide
  • Global Tree Integration: Operations Guide
  • NDS Tuning & Performance Analysis
  • NDS Proactive Analysis Report
  • NDS Tuning & Performance Analysis
  • Requirements Assessment Proposal
  • NetWare 6 Migration and Upgrade Requirements Report

ZENworks for Desktops

  • ZENworks 3 for Desktops Implementation Plan
  • NDS eDirectory and ZENworks Review, Redesign and Implementation


  • GroupWise Health Check & Design Review
  • GroupWise C3PO Design Requirements: Engagement Report
  • GroupWise Requirements Analysis: Migration Discussions
  • GroupWise HealthCheck: Review Report

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