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June 2006 Highlights - eDirectory Toolkit

Novell Technical Subscriptions

It's not an exotic beach or a remote mountaintop, but you'll quickly lose yourself in this month's update to the Novell® eDirectory™ Toolkit. In addition to a new online Self-Study Manual, you'll also receive access to more than a dozen bonus utilities, an updated white paper, new documentation and three issues of Novell Connection magazine. Want more? You'll also be able to search and download 120 new Support Knowledgebase documents (TIDs), 12 readme files and patches, and 28 Product Communities articles.

Advanced and Expanded Resources

Novell Self-Study Manuals

Now you can learn more about Novell eDirectory--at the time and place of your choosing. Use the online Novell Self-Study Manuals to brush up on administration topics or to answer key questions about configuration. The following manual is now available:

Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation: eDirectory 8.8 (Course 3067)

Learn how to design and implement Novell eDirectory trees--and related components--in different types of organizations with different types of network operating systems. As you complete Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation: eDirectory 8.8 (Course 3067), you will work with Novell Open Enterprise Server--NetWare, Novell Open Enterprise Server--Linux and Windows 2003 Servers using Novell eDirectory. You will also learn how to design and implement Novell eDirectory trees for e-business. This course will teach you how to:

  • Identify eDirectory tree design basics

  • Design and implement an eDirectory tree structure

  • Plan the user environment

  • Determine a partition and replica strategy

  • Design and implement Service Location Protocol and time synchronization

  • Validate your eDirectory design and migrate data between LDAP servers

Bonus Utilities (Online)

Make life easier! You will find new ways to enhance Novell eDirectory with the latest bonus utilities. Here are some of the utilities available this month:

  • Asgard RuntimeExec Module#151;Allows command execution in the machine running Asgard Test Tool

  • Policies.exe#151;Allows you to temporarily remove policy restrictions, do what needs to be done and then put the policy restrictions back#151;all without a reboot!

  • Search eDirectory Groups#151;Searches eDirectory groups and lists all members of these groups

  • TOD--exports and imports trustees and rights from the filesystem into an XML file

  • Password Query for OS X--queries the specified LDAP server to determine how many days until the current user's password expires

  • Check NDS Login ability with Nagios--enables Nagios to check every configured server for eDirectory login

  • MultiCert Lotus Script--allows the Notes Driver to switch a cert file based in a user attribute

  • NWLogoff--provides a command-line utility to help users quickly disconnect from all NetWare/eDirectory servers

White papers

Find out why Novell Identity Manager leads the competition when it comes to provisioning and password management. The recently updated Novell Identity Manager 3 white paper examines product capabilities and benefits, includes deployment scenarios, offers an architectural overview and provides valuable information about policy management and provisioning. Sit back, get comfortable and read about the many benefits of Identity Manager!

Support Resources

Latest Files and Patches (Online)

Everyone wants a directory that runs smoothly#151;now you can make sure that yours does! Set aside a few minutes to review, download and apply applicable eDirectory patches from the 12 that are newly available this month. You'll enjoy secure, optimal performance and some well-deserved peace of mind.

Technical Information Resources

Product Documentation

If you want to know more about Novell eDirectory and other related products, look no further than this month's documentation releases. Your shipment includes the following new and updated documentation:

  • eDirectory/Designer for Identity Manager 3 1.1/Designer for Identity Manager 3: Administration Guide

  • eDirectory/Identity Manager 3.0 Drivers/Identity Manager Driver for JDBC: Implementation Guide

  • eDirectory/Identity Manager 3.0/Novell Identity Manager 3 Readme

  • Certificate Server 3.1.1

  • Password Management 3.1

Novell Connection Magazine (Online)

Do you like being surprised? Even if you don't, you'll welcome this month's unexpected bonus: you're receiving online access to three issues of Novell Connection magazine, instead of just one. The first issue is a special Q1 edition that covers the following topics:

  • Identity Robbed Blind? Victimization by Digital Cloning

  • All Eyes on ITV Standardizing a Diverse World

  • Xen and the Art of Virtualization Competitive Intelligence & Research Group

  • Could There Be a Better Tool? GroupWise 7 Monitor

  • MySQL Network

  • Pentaho

  • Secure Your Open Enterprise. Trusted Access. Plain and Simple

  • Splitting Trace Files: Ethereal's Expert System

  • Back to Basics: Linux Fundamentals

  • Asset Management Covering Your Bases

  • Fault Tolerance with Linux High Availability Services

  • Accessing GroupWise with SOAP

  • GroupWise: Roam Where You Want


  • Novell Identity Manager 3

  • Novell Audit 2.0: Making the Good Even Better

  • Novell SecureLogin 6.0

  • BrainShare 2006 Preview

  • ZENworks and the ENGL Imaging Toolkit

In addition to all of these great articles, you can check out the March 2006 issue. It features outstanding information on the following topics:

  • Automating Installations with AutoYaST

  • Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux (Part Three)

  • Examining TCP Window Technology, Faults and Warnings

Finally, you can scan the April 2006 issue for in-depth, relevant information about the latest technologies and processes. It explains how to configure and perform a completely hands-off installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server over the network by using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Preboot Execution Environment (PXE). The following articles have all the details:

  • Automating Unattended Installations Sans Media--Want to automate your installations of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server? Here's how you can automate unattended installations without using any media!

  • Got Skills? Bridge 'em to Linux (Part Four)--Want some help converting your NetWare skills to Linux? This fourth part of a nine-part series explains NetWare tasks and gives the functional equivalents on Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux.

  • Signs of a Traffic Jam--Someone's attacking your servers. Can you read the traffic? Learn how to find your attackers' signatures in this month's animated article by Laura Chappell.

New Support Knowledgebase Documents (TIDs) (Online)

Why spend hours trying to track down the answers you need? There are hundreds of Support Knowledgebase documents (TIDs) for Novell eDirectory available on the Subscriber Portal. By simply searching these documents, you're likely to find exactly the technical and support information you're looking for. The latest update adds 120 new documents for eDirectory--search them today!

Product Communities Articles (Online)

Get the latest technical resources for Novell eDirectory--including articles, tips, patches, documentation and more--and discuss ideas with your peers. Novell Product Communities are your convenient one-stop shop for product-specific support, and there are 28 new articles and tips available for eDirectory this month alone! If you have questions, comments, additional information or feedback on current content, please let us know. We want to hear from you!

Online Web Forums Archive

For years, your peers have been asking and answering questions in our Web forums. Chances are that someone's already asked about the very thing that's on your mind. Run a quick search in the online Web forums archive to see if the information you need has already been addressed.

Developer Resources

As a developer, you need the right tools, the latest news and the earliest access to beta software. All of these--and much more--are included as part of your DeveloperNet Professional subscription.

Developer Documentation (Online)

It takes only a few minutes to stop by the DeveloperNet Portal, and it really pays off! This month, you'll find the latest online updates to the Novell Account Management 3.0 API Developers Guide.

What's New and Upcoming

Get the Most out of Novell Tech Select Service

Early Releases

Now you can download and try the latest Novell software before it ships to the public! Simply log in to the Subscriber Portal and visit the Early Release section in the Software Download area. We recently added the following products:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (Beta 9)

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (Beta 10)

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (Beta 11)

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (Beta 9)

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (Beta 11)

  • SUSE Linux 10.1 (Beta 9)

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