Novell iFolder 1.01

(Last modified: 09Oct2002)

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Novell iFolder 1.01


Novell NetWare 6.0

Novell iFolder 1.01


Error "Check user error 107"

Error "Authentication Failed (-25)"

iFolder will not load in protected memory space.

After installing Groupwise 6 on NetWare 6 iFolder fails to load.

Error "Login failed ... LDAP server down?"

Error: "Login Failed, LDAP Server Down?"

Must use fully qualified name to login to iFolder.

Error codes for the iFolder client.

Unable to login to the iFolder webapp.

iFolder client won't authenticate states user needs to be connected to internet

ROOTCERT.DER not exported during the install of Certificate server.

Error: "The Admin Console requires secure server port (HTTPS) access !"

Installing the iFolder client deletes most files from the local hard drive.

Port Resolver fails to load during installation.

Error "Connection Error"

Error "Invalid Password"

Configuring iFolder for a clustered volume

Reinstalling Apache and Tomcat

User cannot authenticate to the iFolder administrator

Unable to run an unattended installation of iFolder.

Error: "Upload interrupted because the file is open" occurs when syncing files in iFolder.

For additional information on NetWare 6, please see the following solution.  TID #10064501 - NetWare 6 Readme Addendum


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