Technical Support CHAT, powered by Bomgar

To learn more about our Technical Support CHAT tool, please review the sections below.

Getting Started

To begin your Technical Support CHAT experience, enter a search in the knowledgebase to find articles that are related to your issue.


After you select a document, you may provide feedback as to whether or not the document solved your issue.


If you click "No," additional options are presented to you. These options include (1) Search Again, (2) Try Discussion Forums, (3) Find a Partner, or (4) Open a Service Request.


If you choose to open a service request, you will be directed to Customer Center (you will be prompted to login if you have not already done so). Once you have logged in, click "Submit New SR" in the left navigation menu or the "+" icon below the list of service requests.

new sr

Creating / Viewing a Service Request

During the process of creating a service request, you can select a preferred response method of Chat, Email or Callback. Upon submission of your service request, you have the option to launch the chat client and initiate a session with the appropriate product support team or technical support engineer. The chat session will begin once the request is received by the technical support engineer. Depending on the nature of the problem, the support engineer will have the ability to troubleshoot your issue after being granted the right level of access. The technical support CHAT session includes many features, such as providing the engineer with the ability to gather diagnostic information from your site, share your desktop, view the your desktop and/or take remote control of your desktop and systems.


If you have already opened a service request, you may initiate a chat session with your engineer if he/she is available, or you may contact the next available representative.

sr detail

Client Installation

Linux OS

Linux Operating Systems

You will be prompted to download the client.

install linux

DO NOT use the Firefox download manager to open the file.

install mozilla

If you saved the file to your Desktop, click the icon from your Desktop. It will be titled Bomgar Support Client.

linux desktop

Windows OS

Windows Operating Systems

ie Internet Explorer

You will be prompted to download the client. Click "Run" twice to proceed.

ie run
firefoxMozilla Firefox

You will be prompted to save the file.

firefox download

If you saved the file to your Desktop, you may launch the application from there; or from the Firefox download manager.

firefox download manager

Accept Terms and Conditions

After you have launched the online session, you will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions.


In Session

When the chat client is started, you will be in wait-mode until a support engineer responds to the request. You will receive a response within the designated response time of your support agreement.


If you initiated the session with a specific engineer, it will automatically appear in their queue. If no response is received within 60 seconds, the chat request will be transferred to a Customer Service Representative.

chat english

Once the engineer responds, the bi-directional chat conversation will begin. From there, diagnostics tools can be launched as needed.

chat active

If the engineer needs to request your system information in order to debug the issue, you will receive a request to allow or refuse access.

system info

The engineer may also request access to share your screen.

remote requirements

The green indicator on the chat window lights up when a remote activity (system information viewing, file transfer, or remote control) is in progress.

remote activity

End Session

A session may be terminated by clicking the red "X."

session end

You will receive a confirmation that the software has been removed from your computer.


You will then be presented with a page where you can download the session data for future reference. You will also be invited to complete an optional survey regarding your experience with our CHAT tool.


Feedback is Appreciated

Please provide us with your feedback regarding our CHAT tool. Your comments will help us continually improve your support experience.