CHAT Features

Accessing technical support through CHAT gives you real-time access to support engineers who can help you resolve issues faster. You can allow your support engineer to connect to your system for improved troubleshooting and easier walk-through directions. You can even share or grant full control of your desktop or server so that he or she can work directly on your problem, with little assistance required from you. When you go to Customer Center to open a Service Request, select the CHAT option and enjoy the efficiency of this state-of-the-art technology.

Key Features

  • Compatibility across browsers. The CHAT tool will work in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • CHAT history. Your CHAT log will be stored as an activity on your service request.
  • Access remote computers. This new tool allows our engineers to remotely access multiple platforms so they are able to work seamlessly in a mixed environment. No matter what you are running, with your permission, we can access it. We will also be able to use both attended and unattended remote computer access. Our remote desktop software works through corporate firewalls and, in most instances, with no pre-installed client software.
  • Multiple language support. You will be able to CHAT with your support engineer in English, German, French, Italian, or Spanish.
  • Diagnose remote computers. With this tool, our engineers will be able to see system info at a glance at the beginning of your remote support session. They can gather a complete snapshot of the remote computer's system information to speed time to diagnosis and issue resolution.
  • Troubleshoot with Remote Computer Control
  • Application-specific remote view and remote control. You will be able to grant our technicians the right to view or remote control your entire computer or only selected programs. During a view-only session, support engineers can guide you with a virtual pointer on your screen. This facilitates communication between you and our engineer, enabling the engineer to support you more effectively without taking remote control.
  • Reboot the remote computer & reconnect automatically. When the remote desktop is a Windows system, the end-user does not need to be present to re-initiate the session or log you back in. When the remote desktop is a Linux or Mac system, CHAT will reconnect the remote support session once the remote client logs on again.
  • Presentation mode. Support engineers can aid in training by using Presentation Mode. Simply select which applications to present and allow an attendee to have remote control of your computer. Presentations can be given for up to 15 attendees.
  • Reverse screen sharing. During a session, a support engineer can show his or her screen to you. This screen sharing "flip" reverses the remote desktop connection to enable the you to view/control the support engineer's screen for training purposes.
  • Full-featured CHAT. CHATs are tied to specific support sessions and appear in the session-specific tab. CHATs are recorded for future reference. You can CHAT with support engineers even before beginning a remote support session.
  • Command line interface. We can offer remote support by gaining remote access to your command prompt. Command shells are recorded in Flash (.flv) format for later review from the reports page.
  • File transfer / File store. Through this tool, our engineers can request remote access to your file system to send, receive, open, or edit remote files using a few simple controls. If connectivity is lost during the transfer of files, the transfer can be resumed upon reconnecting to the session.

Get Help Using CHAT

Are you a little nervous about using CHAT for the first time? Access our help page to see how it works, read step-by-step instructions, and view a demo.

Feedback from Customers

Look at what customers have been saying about CHAT:

  • "Used it the first time and it was just perfect. Possibly the last time I call by phone..."
  • "This is better than being tied to a phone while waiting for one or the other party to do what they are doing..."
  • "Each party can get on with something else while waiting for the other end to do something. More efficient use of time..."
  • "Better than a phone call, at least for times when systems are not critical."
  • "This worked great! Excellent feature to add to your support people....definitely helped speed up the support process."

Feedback is Appreciated

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