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Support for Academic (ALA/SLA) Customers

Because Maintenance is not a component of Novell's Academic Licensing Agreement (ALA) or School Licensing Agreement (SLA), customers who purchase product through these programs access training and support resources in the following ways:

First Look Training

Through Novell Customer Center, you can access First Look Training for your products that are properly covered under Maintenance. First Look Training is delivered on-demand, and covers the fundamentals of installation and basic configuration as well as the new features and functionality of a product.

Service Requests

Access Novell's world-class support organization in one of the following ways:

  • Academic Service Request packs – increments and prices vary by region
  • Tech Select Service – 3 technical support incidents combined with a subscription to the Novell Professional resource suite, which includes technical tools, evaluation software, exclusive training materials and more.

All Technical Support packages expire 12 months after date of purchase.

Dedicated Resources

You may choose to upgrade the level of your service with one or more of our dedicated support professionals.

  • Custom Consulting Developer – Leverage the expertise of a Novell Consultant for your ongoing development needs.

Additional Enterprise Level Services

We can also help you meet many other challenges, or just provide extra assurance, with additional enterprise level services such as On-site Support, Advantage Service Requests, Proactive System Analysis, Scheduled Standby, and more.

All Technical Support packages expire 12 months after date of purchase.

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