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Support for Master License Agreement Customers

Master License Agreement (MLA) customers purchase Novell products directly from Novell, and are entitled to a level of Premium Service which includes unlimited service requests, training, tools and more. Your level of service increases with your increased purchase of Maintenance.

First Look Training

Through Novell Customer Center, you can access First Look Training for your products that are properly covered under Maintenance. First Look Training is delivered on-demand, and covers the fundamentals of installation and basic configuration as well as the new features and functionality of a product.

Service Requests

You are entitled to unlimited service requests for all of your products properly covered through Maintenance. MLA customers automatically receive Novell's Priority service for all products except SUSE® Linux Enterprise, which provides the option of Standard or Priority service. Priority includes 24x7 access and a 1 hour response time for severity 1 issues.

Benefits Standard Priority
Access 12x5 24x7
Technical Support Unlimited Unlimited
Training On-demand First Look On-demand First Look
Response Time 4 hours Severity 1 = 1 hour
Severity 2 & 3 = 4 hours

Dedicated Resources

Depending on your total maintenance purchase, you may be entitled to a higher level of service through the assistance of a Service Account Manager or one of our Premium Service Engineers. If your maintenance level does not qualify you for these benefits, you may purchase the services of one or more of these dedicated support professionals.

  • Premium Service Engineer – Work with a senior support engineer who will be your single point of contact for all your support inquiries throughout the year.
  • Project Engineer – Access a senior support engineer for specialized assistance to ensure a successful transition.
  • Custom Consulting Developer – Leverage the expertise of a Novell Consultant for your ongoing development needs.
  • Service Account Manager – Work with a customer advocate who can coordinate, manage, provide reports, and escalate any service related issues.

Optional Enterprise Level Services

We can also help you meet many other challenges, or just provide extra assurance during critical projects, with additional enterprise level services such as On-site Support, Advantage Service Requests, Health checks, Scheduled Standby, and more.

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