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Support Requirements for the Consumer Product Line

Linux is one of the best-documented operating systems—information is available in the form of manual pages, HTML documentation and simple Readme files. Problem descriptions and help files are available online as well. If you encounter problems with openSUSE, be sure to check out our support database available through the openSUSE wiki, too. This valuable resource contains the latest information and instructions for your openSUSE operating system.

Support Database openSUSE Wiki

Circumstances Warranting Installation Assistance for openSUSE

If you do not find a solution to your problem in any of the aforementioned information sources, we will be happy to provide you with support in the following areas:

  • Installation on a typical private workstation or laptop equipped with a single processor, at least 256 MB RAM and 3 GB of free hard disk space.
  • Resizing of one Windows partition that occupies the entire hard-disk.
  • Installation of a local ATAPI CD- or DVD-ROM drive.
  • Installation on the 1st or 2nd hard disk in an IDE-only (/dev/hda or /dev/hdb), or supported S-ATA system, excluding RAID.
  • Integration of a standard keyboard and standard mouse.
  • Configuration of the graphical user interface (without the hardware acceleration feature of the graphics card).
  • Installation of the boot manager in the MBR of the first hard disk or on a floppy disk without modifying the BIOS mapping.
  • Setup of an Internet access with a supported PCI-ISDN card, external serial modem (not USB) or DSL-based on PPPoE with a supported NIC.
  • Basic configuration of a ALSA supported PCI sound card.
  • Basic configuration of a locally attched compatible printer with YaST2.
  • Basic configuration of an IDE CD writer for use with k3b (CD burning app) without changing the jumper setting.
  • Configuration of a supported PCI ethernet card for LAN access with either DHCP (client) or static IP. This does not include the configuration of the LAN or any other computers or network components. It also does not cover the configuration of the computer as a router. Fault analysis is limited to checking for the proper loading of the kernel module and the correct local network settings.
  • Configuration of an e-mail client for collecting mail from a POP3 account (only Evolution and KMail). Fault analysis is limited to checking of the proper settings in the e-mail client.
  • Support for the package selection "Standard System."
  • Upgrade from the direct predecessor version.
  • Kernel updates (only official openSUSE update RPMs).
  • Installation via SUSE YOU or manual installation of bug fixes and security updates from or a SUSE-ftp-mirror.

You can find a detailed list of our free support services here.

Information Submission for openSUSE

Important: We always try to help you as quickly and accurately as possible. Specific, detailed questions reduce the time we need to respond to your inquiry. Please clarify the following conditions when submitting a support request:

  • What exactly is the problem? Try to formulate the description of the problem as a concrete when/then statement. (For example, "When I press the button "xy", then ...")
  • What program/version is involved? During which operation does the problem occur?
  • With which hardware are you working? (Be sure to outline items like graphics cards, monitors, printers and ISDN cards.)

Additional Information on Installation Assistance for openSUSE

  • Your support entitlement depends on a valid and active registration code. Click here to activate your code.
  • The registration code is non-transferable.
  • The entitlement to free installation assistance relates to initial installation and on one system only.
  • openSUSE hardware support is a pre-requisite for our being able to provide the relevant support.
  • There are no guaranteed response times for support requests.

Installation Assistance Time Period for openSUSE

With every version of openSUSE you purchase, you receive a 14-character registration code. Once you have registered your code, you will be able to submit questions to our support department.

Because Linux development has and continues to intensify, we can provide installation assistance for specific products and versions for only a limited time period. Free installation assistance for a previous version of openSUSE is available for up to 90 days after the release of a new version.

The following table shows applicable dates for installation assistance service of various versions of openSUSE.

openSUSE Sales start Support terminated
openSUSE 11.1 18 Dec 2008 90 days after publication of the next version
openSUSE 11.0 19 Jun 2008 18 Mar 2009
openSUSE 10.3 04 Oct 2007 19 Sep 2008

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