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Novell's Next Generation OS Will Natively Support Intel's Future IA-64 Architecture

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01 May 1998

At its annual BrainShare conference, Novell, Inc. unveiled its plans to provide native platform and development support for Intel's IA-64 processor architecture in 1999. Novell will natively support the new architecture and will be the first networking software vendor to provide a new generation of network services focused on high-performance and scalability.

The Novell next-generation operating system, now code-named "Modesto," will provide the fastest native IA-64 architecture performance in the industry as a result of a virtual machine implementation that separates out functionality to allow for optimized performance based on processing needs.

Modesto on the Intel platform will offer very high-speed performance for businesses with data and processing intensive needs such as data warehousing, line-of-business production applications and Internet-based business services.

Modesto will give users a logical, low-risk migration path to new high-performance server hardware, providing a fully optimized environment for developing and deploying 64-bit applications, while offering backward compatibility with the applications customers run their businesses on today.

"Our customers have long-term plans to deploy data and performance intensive networked solutions that leverage the Internet and Java and require a higher level of processing power than what is available today," said Chris Stone, Novell senior vice president of strategy and corporate development. "Modesto, with NDS, is part of Novell's push to power those more sophisticated applications by providing an intelligent network server platform that offers the best available performance, scalability and reliability in network services and collaboration, intranet and Internet services, manageability and application development and deployment."

"Novell is delivering intelligent networked capabilities targeting IA-64 architecture. Combining the Intel Architecture with Novell's intelligent networking capabilities provides businesses with an outstanding solution to meet the increasing network computing demands of the Internet," said John Miner, vice president and general manager, Intel's Enterprise Server Group. "Today's announcement again demonstrates that the Intel architecture is rapidly emerging as the unifying architecture for all enterprise applications."

Leveraging the Internet Opportunity

Modesto provides a real opportunity to host Internet services for Internet Service Providers and any company that increasingly requires higher levels of performance and speed, mature directory services and a robust network operating system in order to provide its customers and users with new, information intensive Internet services.

are developing a next-generation data network that will allow us to give customers access to advanced Internet services for example, single login to multiple networks, customer controlled service management and special security and performance features while freeing them from the complexity of managing the networks that provide those services," said Joseph Zell, president, !NTERPRISE Networking Services for U S West Communications. "As a result, our need for speed and performance is intense. Through Novell's leading network solutions and industry relationships with companies like Intel, Novell will provide the manageable, secure, high-performance networking foundation we need to make those services a reality for customers."

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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