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The DOS partition created during image process on Branch Office Appliance is too small for coredumps.

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01 Feb 2003

On the Branch Office Console type the following: Set admin debug password = <enter password here> Set admin debug enable = yes Then press [Enter]. These three commands automatically load dbnet6 and rdbhost.

DBNET6.NLM is required to put a coredump on a remote machine. RDBHOST is required if you will do live debugging with RDB.EXE. Choose one of the following methods to transfer the coredump.

ONE To a server: Have IMGHOST.NLM loaded on a remote server where you plan to send the coredump.

TWO Run IMGHOST.EXE on a workstation where you plan to send the coredump. Unlock the Branch Office Console by doing the following: login [Enter] supervisor [Enter] <type the supervisor password> [Enter] unlock [Enter] Accept the disclaimer with YES [Enter] The console will display "Debug mode ON" Now toggle to the console [ALT] [ESC] or [CTRL] [ALT] [ESC] and select the system console.

Set auto restart after abend = 0 and press [Enter]. Also put this line in the autoexec.ncf file so it will continue to be active at a later time if the server is bounced. When the server abends, select the option to take a coredump. Select "Full w/o cache". Select "No" on compress coredump. Select "NETWORK -- Dump Across network to remote host." Enter either the IP address of the workstation running IMGHOST.EXE or the server running IMGHOST.NLM.


Some LAN drivers can stop communicating when DBNET6.NLM is loaded. If this happens, update to the latest LAN drivers from the hardware vendor or swap out the NIC and follow the Branch Office Documentation for LAN card changes.

* Originally published in Novell Connection Magazine


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