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Speed up the Branch Office Appliance Setup by Preloading Data

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01 Feb 2003

During the initial setup of a Novell Nterprise Branch Office appliance, syncing the central office server with the branch office can end up being quite a time-consuming step depending on your resources. To decrease the amount of data that has to cross the wire and the time required to set up a branch office appliance, make an SMS-compliant backup of the corporate server data. Then restore the backup from tape to the branch office volume prior to installing Novell Nterprise Branch Office. After the initial data is preloaded and setup is completed on the appliance, scheduled rsync transfers will be much quicker because only the data blocks that have changed since restoring the backup to the appliance will need to cross the wire rather than the entire data set.

There may also be some instances where a branch office location is up and running for a period of time before a decision is made to rsync data to the central office location. If a substantial data set is currently in place at the branch location, do an SMS backup of the data and pre-load it to the central office volume designated for data synchronization before enabling rsync. After the initial data is preloaded, scheduled rsync transfers from the branch office will only send the changed data to the central office location across the wire.

* Originally published in Novell Connection Magazine


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