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Finding the Right Code Sample for the Job

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Cory Aitchison
NDK Engineer
Novell, Inc.

01 Apr 2003

A large volume of quality sample code is one of the best ways a development program can assist developers in their efforts to create solutions to their businesses needs. However, after this sample code base has been created, it is equally important to present it in such a way that developers can find the samples they need to create their solution.

Novell has over 2,700 sample files on its Developer Kit or NDK ( There are several methods to access these samples and to find the sample that you need for the solution you want to create.

The NDK Sample Home Page

The first and most common way of finding sample code is to look through the NDK sample code home page at and locate the product to which you are creating a solution. This page lists the APIs to which samples are provided and then has links to the APIs. This allows you to view these each samples in HTML form or you can download the ready-to-use native files. This simple product listing is the most task-based listing of sample code on the NDK.

NDK Sample Indexes

If instead of looking for code samples by task, you may simply need to see how to use a specific function or method call is made. If this is what you need, the best place to look is in one of the sample code indexes.

Novell has indexed all C sample code ( c_indexes/a.htm) and Java* (http://developer.novell. com/ndk/doc/samplecode/indexes/java_indexes/a.htm) sample code that is available on the NDK by function call and method call. If you know what function you need to use, then you can find every example provided on the NDK on one of these pages.

Developer Sample Index

In addition to the preceding two methods of locating samples on the NDK, another method for finding samples has been created using NetWare Web Search Server.

Novell created a new index (http://developer.novell. com/sample/) of all code samples. This index covers samples that are located on the NDK, Developer Support, and DeveloperNet University areas. Developers can also search for samples in each of these areas individually.


Novell is constantly striving to increase the quality and volume of sample code. As new code is created and made available, you will be able to locate and access it by one of the methods mentioned above. At Novell, we welcome your feedback and comments about Novell's Sample Code by e-mailing

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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