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How to Download the Novell ExteNd Application Server

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Jeff Fischer
Research Engineer
Novell AppNotes

01 Mar 2003

I recently had a very difficult time downloading the new Novell exteNd Application Server. Novell has enabled free time-limited trials for several editions of their J2EE application server. I wanted to familiarize myself with the application server, so I set out to download it to have the chance to play with it.

Little did I know what an ordeal it was going to be. After I filled out the necessary information to create my username and password, I followed the links to download the application server. Since I have already gone through the pain once, I'll save you from it and outline the steps necessary to make this process work.

  • Go to

  • Click the link for Novell exteNd Application Server downloads

  • Log in with your Novell e-Login identity

  • Choose the link to download the Professional Edition for your platform. I chose NT/2000

As you login, an email is generated with the License key that you use to install the product and this is sent to your email address.

On the left side of the page where you would normally see a navigation bar, you will see a link to download the application server, SilverJRunner, and application server samples. Click on the link to download each of these items.

The application server is about 96 MB, SilverJRunner is about 81 MB, and the samples zip file is about 12 MB, so I hope you have a connection and the patience worthy to perform this download.

Use the SilverJRunner to generate client side Java code such as forms, and applets. The Samples zip file contains an AgCalendar Java Bean example and a BankDemo application that can be loaded in the Application Server. The file contains the Application Server.

Note: If you download the Developer's Edition, you can also download a copy of Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere Database for use with the application server.

Installing the Application Server

The installation is straight forward. You should install the Adaptive Server Anywhere software first, if that is the database you want to use. Also, select the option to install the full version, which installs all components as well as the help files. Select the option to create a new database.

For more information about the Novell ExteNd App Server, see the Developer Net University course entitled "Intro to Web Services" to be posted soon at .

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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