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Setting Up the SilverDebugger for the Novell exteNd AppServer on NetWare

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Bruce Bergeson
Sr. Software Engineer
J2EE Technology Team

01 Nov 2002

Distributed with exteNd Workbench is a sample web application project called ProverbFinal. It is located in the directory: <WorkbenchHome>/docs/tutorial/ProverbFinal. This tutorial describes the steps needed to debug this web application on NetWare.

  1. Dependencies

    1. The Novell exteNd AppServer is installed on a Nakoma Server. This is an option during the NetWare Nakoma installation.

    2. The exteNd Workbench, with documentation and samples, is installed on a Windows client. Workbench is available on the Nakoma Client CD.

  2. Start the exteNd AppServer, with debugging, on NetWare by running the commands found in the SilverServerDebug.NCF file. At the server console prompt, type

  3. Start the MySQL Monitor with MYSQL.NLM and execute the following commands:

    1. create database ProverbsCloud;

    2. grant all on ProverbsCloud.* to dba@'%' identified by 'sql';

    3. quit;

  4. Start the SilverStream Management Console (SMC) by running the SMC.NCF at the server console prompt.

    1. From the menu select File and Choose Server(Alt-E). Then enter

      • Click OK

    2. Select the Databases panel and click the Add Database... button.

      • Name of the database: ProverbsCloud

      • User name: dba

      • Password: sql

      • Database platform: MySQL

      • Click Next>

      • JDBC URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost/ProverbsCloud

      • Click Finish

    3. Click OK

    4. From the menu select File and Exit.
  5. Populate the ProverbsCloud database by performing the following steps:

    1. Copy the PROVERBS.SQL file to the SYS:\mysql\bin directory.

    2. On the NetWare system console type: mysql < proverbs.sql

    3. Press the spacebar

  6. Copy over the files,, and to <Workbench Home>/docs/tutorial/ProverbFinal/src/com/proverb (These files are on the Nakoma CD.)

  7. Start exteNd Workbench on the Windows client by performing the following steps:

    1. From the menu select File and Open Project...

    2. Find: <WorkbenchHome>/docs/tutorial/ProverbFinal/ProverbFinal.spf

    3. From the menu select Project and Deployment Settings...

      • Click OK (if you get a message box)

      • Click New...

      • Profile name: <NetWare Server DNS Host Name>:83:ProverbsCloud

      • Server type: SilverStream 4.0

      • Deployment tools directory: S:\SilverStream\eXtendAppServer\bin (Where S:\ is a mapped drive to the SYS volume of the NetWare Server)

      • Server name: <NetWare Server IPAddress>:83

      • Database name: ProverbsCloud

      • Click OK

      • Select the Deployment Info Tab

      • SilverStream Deployment Plan: ProverbFinalDeplPlan.xml

      • Click DeployFrom the menu select File and Exit

  8. Copy the files <WorkbenchHome>\*.* from the Windows client to the S:\SilverStream\eXtendWorkbench directory on the NetWare Server.

  9. Launch an internet browser on the Windows client.

    1. Type in the following address: http://<NetWare Server IP Address>:83/ProverbsCloud/ProverbFinal

  10. Copy the setup files to the following locations:

    1. SilverStreamDebug.ncf to S:\SilverStream\eXtendWorkbench\bin

    2. localhost-ip.ncf to S:\SilverStream\eXtendWorkbench\bin

  11. Perform the following steps on the NetWare Server console:

    1. Type: SEARCH ADD SYS:\SilverStream\eXtendWorkbench\bin\

  12. Start the SilverDebbugger from the NetWare GUI:

    1. From the task bar, select Novell and Run...

    2. Click Browse

    3. Select: SYS:\SilverStream\eXtendWorkbench\bin\localhost-ip.ncf

    4. Click OK

  13. Set a breakpoint in

  14. From internet browser on the Windows client, select Today's Proverb.

  15. Enjoy debugging in the SilverDebugger

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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