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Sound Advice on Configuring Multimedia Players

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David Doering
Senior Writer
TechVoice, Inc.

01 Nov 2002

Multimedia players are becoming as essential as other office automation software. Problems with players, however, sometimes present a convoluted solution. For example, WinAmp gives the following error message:

WinAmp 2 WaveOut plug-in v1.03 error
Please reinstall soundcard drivers
Error code: 7

Windows gives this error message:

MMSYSTEM007: There is not enough memory available for this task.
Quit one or more programs then try again.

These messages suggest reinstalling drivers or upgrading memory to fix a no-playback problem. Neither solution will fix the problem. Nor will reinstalling the player. It's not just WinAmp. Try running Real's RealOne or Microsoft's Media Player, for they also fail.

Referring to the player support websites also fails to find a fix. The solution is actually in the error code MMSYSTEM007. Searching for this at yields the Knowledgebase article #Q178677--that is totally unrelated to media players but actually fixes the problem. (It describes a problem with Flight Simulator.)

#Q178677 describes using the System File Checker (SFC) tool that is installed on Windows 98 and above OSes to replace some corrupted files. (SFC allows individual file installs from the Windows CAB files.)

The corruption typically occurs when Internet Explorer crashes or locks up. So replacing WinAmp, RealOne or even WiMP won't help, since the corrupted files need replacing instead. These files are:

  • avifile.dll

  • dciman.dll

  • dciman32.dll

  • mciavi.drv

  • mmsystem.dll

  • msvidc32.dll

  • msvideo.dll

  • msvfw32.dll

  • wow32.dll

Once replaced using SFC, a warm boot will do the trick and WinAmp, RealOne, and WiMP will play MP3 files again.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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