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John Fontana
Network World

01 Nov 2002

Editor's Note: This is something I found on the web ( ) that I thought you would like to know about.

Network executives should follow a few general deployment guidelines to reduce the amount of legitimate e-mail that spam filters might block.

  • Run the software in a monitoring mode first to help you gauge what is being blocked before going live with end users.

  • Start off with a conservative attitude toward blocking, which will let a lot of spam escape the filter but nearly eliminate false positives, and work your way up to an acceptable balance.

  • Use a combination of filtering techniques, such as keywords, domain and IP blocking, blacklists, whitelists or collection accounts. Look for software with more sophisticated filtering methods such as heuristics.

  • Quarantine blocked mail and give users the option to see their mail that has been filtered before it is deleted.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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