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Installing a Second Server on Novell Small Business Suite 6

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01 Oct 2002

There are many reasons why you would need a second server to run business more effectively, and Novell Small Business Suite 6 (NSBS 6) is the only small- business solution you can get that gives you licensing for a second server right in the box.

To install a second server, simply insert the Novell Small Business Suite 6 install CD into the second server. It runs just like the install you did on the first server, with a few exceptions.

Select the Advanced Install option and install the second server into the existing tree but into a different context. You will have to install the baseline NetWare 6 OS, but it's your choice about everything else.

Browse for the license diskette in the LICENSE subdirectory to reuse the server license previously installed. The Server Base license is reusable, but not in the same context. You may see an error about finding the User licenses already installed. This is okay, as they were previously installed during the first server install.

NSBS 6 is based on Concurrent User licensing. Each connected user comsumes one User license, no matter how many workstations that user has logged in from. When the connected user logs out of his last workstation, the User license is immediately returned to the pool to be reused by the next login request.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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