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Redirecting the NetWare 5 GUI for Remote Installation of BorderManager

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Paul Thompson
Novell, Inc.

01 Oct 2002

BorderManager (plus several other Novell products) requires the Java-based GUI installation method. Because of this, the GUI screen cannot be viewed via RCONSOLE or RCONJ, and thus the BorderManager installation requires you to either be physically alongside the server or redirect the GUI output through TCP/IP.

Below is the procedure to redirect that GUI screen to an X-Windows server (such as a Linux host).

  1. Append the following line to the SYS:\ETC\JAVA.CFG file:

    where "" is the address of the X-Windows server, and ":1" identifies the X display.

  2. Edit the SYS:\JAVA\NWGFX\STARTX.NCF file as follows. First, reflect the change in X-Windows server address (by default, this would have pointed to the localhost at

    load AIO
                load AIOPS2
                load sys:/java/nwgfx/xlib

    Second, don't start the XFree86 server (xfvga16) on the NetWare console because it's not needed:

    #load sys:/java/nwgfx/xfvga16 -xf86config
                sys:/java/nwgfx/xf86conf -s 32767

    Third, run fvmw2 explicitly:

    load sys:/java/nwgfx/fvwm2 -f
                    #load xinit
  3. Make sure the X-Windows server supports incoming connections from NetWare. Typically this involves creating the file /etc/X1.hosts, with the host name of your NetWare server, such as:
  4. Run STARTX on the NetWare console. You'll see the GUI output redirected to your X-server.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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