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Importing GroupWise Messages and Mailboxes

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Wolfgang Schreiber
Manager Developer Support
Novell, Inc.

01 Jul 2002

If you synchronize GroupWise with other messaging systems (POP, Palm, Outlook), you need to create sent/received messages without actually sending these messages. You also need to keep certain information, like SenderName and DateSent.

With the advent of GroupWise 6.0 Support Pack 1, you can use the Messages.AddExistingMessage() method which allows you to create new inbox/outbox messages without actually sending them.

Using this method you can specify message properties like SenderDisplayName, SenderEmailAddress, CreationDate, LastModificationDate, and so on.

GroupWise "Hit the Road" Programmatically

With the advent of GroupWise 6.0 SP1, you can use the GroupWise ObjectAPI to programmatically synchronize your remote mailbox or the client cache mailbox with a user's main mailbox.

This is equivalent to the regular client's "Hit The Road" functionality. Use the Account.SynchronizeToRemote() method to start the process. To start the reverse process and to synchronize the user's master mailbox in remote mode, use the Account.SynchronizeWithMaster() method.

Change GroupWise Password Programmatically

To change your password programmatically, you do not need to use the GroupWise AdminAPI, which requires administrative rights. With GroupWise v6.0 (SP1), you can call the Groupwise ObjectAPI method

Account.SetPassword(OldPassword, NewPassword)

to change your GroupWise login password.

Please note, however, that GroupWise cannot change the user's NetWare, Windows, LDAP, or other passwords. Also, SetPassword will not synchronize an Online (master) password to a remote or client/cache database (and vice versa).

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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