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Putting Internet Explorer Bookmarks in iFolder

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Brent McCormick
Strategy Integration Manager
Novell, Inc.

01 Jul 2002

Here's a slick way to keep your Internet Explorer Favorites and bookmarks the same on each computer by using Novell iFolder.

Download and install the TweakUI utility.This program is needed to change the location of your Favorites menu. You can download this program from and do a search on TweakUI. Choose the freeware version.

Once it is downloaded, run TWEAKUI.EXE to extract the files. Note where these files are located once they extract, then go to that folder, right-click on the TWEAKUI.INF file, and choose Install.

Now go to the Control Panel window and click on the TweakUI icon. Click on the My Computer tab. Go to the Special Folders drop down box and choose Favorites.

Take note of where the current location of Favorites is and use Windows Explorer to locate and copy that Favorites directory into your iFolder. Now change the location of Favorites in TweakUI to the Favorites directory in your iFolder.

That's it. Your bookmarks are now synchronized.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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