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Using xBrowse to Replace Server References

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Lionell Bartlett
Novell, Inc.

01 May 2002

The Replace Server References feature of xBrowse is used before deleting a server object from the tree, which you intend to re-install. After following the steps below and whatever TIDs you find on the subject, the references will be placed on a temporary/dummy object. These references can then be copied back to the new re-installed server object using the NWCONFIG utility.

  1. Start xBrowse.

  2. Menu: Tree - Open New Tree | Specify Tree

    Enter the IP address of any one of the servers in the tree. The server you are currently connected to is displayed on the window title bar.

  3. Menu: Tree - Global Login. Login to the tree in the format:


    Don't use the dot format and the treename is not required.

  4. Using the xBrowse interface, treewalk to the server that you want to copy the references from (onto another object).

  5. Right-click on that server, and select the menu option "Replace Server References."

  6. On the Replace References form, enter the Temporary/Dummy object FDN (Fully Distinguished Name) in slash format:


    You can leave out the object type (Typeless name).

  7. This will generate a report with only two lines, which looks like it has not done anything.

If there are any errors, you'll see them in the report. If you see -634 errors, then the Temporary/Dummy object name is not a valid object. This probably means that the format or context you used in incorrect.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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