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Tuning eDirectory for Updates or Searches

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Woldgang Schreiber
Novell, Inc.

01 Apr 2002

Did you know that you can tune the eDirectory operation speed for searching and/or updating directory entries?

Before eDirectory v8.5 you had only one cache memory pool (8MB) for eDirectory operations. With eDirectory 8.5 or above, you can specify separate limits for block cache and entry cache. Block cache caches physical blocks from the database and is most useful when it is used for update operations and for index searching.

Entry cache was introduced eDirectory 8.5 and caches logical entries from the database. Entry cache is most useful when it is used for operations that read through entries, such as browsing the eDirectory tree for a name resolution.

For details on memory sizes and configuration, please refer to the "Improving eDirectory Performance" section in the Novell eDirectory Administration Guide online doumentation. You can find this at:

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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