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How to See TCP/IP Statistics on the Console

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Ahmad Sadeghpour
Novell, Inc.
Dusseldorf, Germany

01 Mar 2002

At the NetWare 6 server console, you can type one of the following commands to see TCP/IP statistics. To see TCP statistics, type the following:


You will see a screen similar to Figure 1.

The TCP Statistics screen.

To see IP statistics, type the following:


The IP Statistics screen.

You can then toggle through these screens to see the statistics you want. Among other things, you can look for information about used and free small ECBs (Event Control Blocks) as well as used and free PCBs (Packet Control Blocks).

The default value of pre-allocated PCB is 1024, which could be a cause for the "not responding machine" message in a highly accessed SMP environment. You can change this setting by using the Monitor utility with the bang H command, such as

monitor !h <Enter>

The "bang H" parameter displays all of the hidden SET parameters, which you can also do through the NetWare Remote Manager utility. Once there, select the Communications SET parameters category. The SET parameter is called "TCP Number Of Preallocated PCBs=1024" (you can also see this parameter in the NetWare Remote Manager utility if you have Hidden parameters turned to On in the Config screen).

Furthermore, you can see statistics that relate to Load Balancing/Fault Tolerance (LB/FT). When the TCPSTAS.NLM is loaded, you can see the same statistics under the Protocol Information option in the NetWare Remote Manager utility in NetWare 6. You can then choose the specific protocol information you wish to view.

Note: You might also be able to see the TPC and IP statistics screen on NetWare 5.x if you load their latest Support Pack on the server.

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