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Failover/Failback Between Remote Locations with NetWare 6 and Cluster Services

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Michael Spong
Novell, Inc.

01 Feb 2002

NetWare 6 did away with the 32-bit GUID that was tied to a single server. One purpose of the GUID was to make the block-level representation of a volume portable across servers that are attached to the same NDS tree. You can take a snapshot regardless of what server the volume is mounted on, and use any other server to access the snapshot for backup purposes and all trustee assignments and user space restrictions remain intact.

With NetWare 6, whether an NSS volume is part of a cluster or simply a stand-alone NSS volume, it can be mounted by a different server (cluster member if a cluster volume, non-cluster member for non-cluster volumes) and all the trustee assignments remain intact. It makes disaster recovery excellent when you mirror NetWare volumes to a remote location. You will be able to seemlessly mount them from any server at your backup location when your primary site fails.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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