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Jed Bichsel
Novell, Inc.

01 Jan 2002

To improve gateway procedure coverage, use the PAL utility during the entire process of testing. Before running the gateway tests, load PAL from the NetWare server console.

Perform the following steps from the client:

  1. Start the PAL portion of the test by running the NLM tests (PAL) from the NDPS Gateway Certification suite in TestConsole. This will bring up the Novell NLM Test Tool window and initialize the PAL components on the server.

  2. Place the PAL test in Debug mode from the Mode drop-down menu in the Novell NLM Test Tool window.

  3. From the Setup dropdown menu, select Allocation Coverage then select Deny Memory Off. This will prevent the automated test from failing due to out of memory conditions simulated by PAL.

    Note: When Deny Memory is set to Off, any previous allocation coverage results will be cleared when Deny Memory is turned back On.

  4. Close the Novell NLM Test Tool window. PAL will continue to monitor the activity of the NLM(s) under test.

  5. Perform the automated tests under the NDPS Gateway Certification suite. Near the end of the tests the Novell NLM Test Tool window will automatically start again, at which time all the procedures covered under the test groups will be displayed.

  6. Turn the Certification Mode back on and continue exercising other functionalities of your gateway to attain the 80% procedure coverage (this action will turn Deny Memory back to On).

In addition to the procedure coverage, you will need to exercise the memory allocations function to reach the 80% memory allocation coverage requirement.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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