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Windows Capture Settings with Client32

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Wolfgang Schreiber
Manager Developer Support
Novell, Inc.

01 Nov 2001

There are two separate sets of capture settings (like banners, form feeds, tabs, etc.). One set is defined through text utilities like CAPTURE/PRINTCON, or with APIs like NWSetCaptureFlags(). These settings are stored in client tables, and will only affect printing from the DOS box.

The other set affects printing through Windows applications. You can define this set through the tab "Default Capture" in the Client32 Properties menu (e.g., from the System Tray icon). These settings are stored in the Windows registry for Windows 9.x under the HKLM\Network\Novell\System Config\Network Provider\Capture Flags entry, or for Windows NT /Windows 2000 under the HKLM\Software\ Novell\Network Provider\Capture Flags entry.

If you'd like to set the Windows capture flags from a command line with the CAPTURE.EXE syntax, you can download the file WINCAPT.EXE, a Win32 console application with full source; it can be found at the

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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