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Understanding "Stuck" Partitions

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Tim Slaton
Software Engineer
Novell, Inc.

01 Nov 2001

When you add or change a replica type, the operation should complete quickly. If it does not, look at the partition status on NDS Manager, and if the status is stuck on "new" or "Transition ON," you've got deeper problems. You cannot fix these stuck transitions, and when they occur it usually means that you have a corrupted master replica somewhere that is preventing the replica changes from getting into NDS properly.

To fix the problem, delete the stuck partitions. Then carefully check the root Master replica. Send NDS updates from each Read/Write and the Master replica. Use the DSVIEW and DSBROWSE utilities to compare the Master and R/W replicas as you try to find schema problems.

It is probably a missing attribute in the Master replica that is causing this problem. If you think the Master replica has a corrupted schema, then promote a R/W replica to Master, then do a "receive all updates" on the old Master replica to dump its database and get a new one, then promote it back to be the Master replica.

If you think the R/W replica copy is bad, do a "reset local schema" operation to flush the R/W replica's NDS database and get a new copy from the Master replica. Once you think you are clean again, then go back to the replicas operations you were attempting before they got "stuck." If you have resolved the Root Master replica problems, the new replicas should finish smoothly.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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