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Tim Slaton
Novell, Inc.

01 Sep 2001

Novell Licensing Services (NLS) is software that lets you monitor the use of licensed applications on a network. Although first implemented in NetWare 4.x for Small Business, NLS has since been used in a variety of products, including NetWare 5.x, BorderManager, ZENWorks, and NetWare Cluster Services. (Note that Novell does not support NLS on NetWare 4.10 servers.)

When your environment includes multiple servers running different versions of NetWare, the version of NLS provided with each operating system must be correctly configured. It is critical that all servers in the tree be upgraded to run the same version of NLS. By default, NetWare 5.0 shipped with NLS version 4.0, while NetWare 5.1 shipped with NLS version 5.0. The latest NLS release is version 5.02 as of this writing.

Also, make sure that each NetWare server is running the correct NLS NLM. In NetWare 5.x, this is NLSLSP.NLM, not the NetWare 4.x version of NLS.NLM.

Downloading the latest support pack will provide you with baseline updates for NLS. NW5SP6A.EXE and NW51SP2A.EXE were the latest as of this writing. Check with Novell support for the latest patches.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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