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Calling External Java Classes from DirXML Stylesheets

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Mark Lowings
Novell, Inc.

01 Aug 2001

With DirXML, you can call standard Java classes or self-created classes from Jar files from any stylesheet that is located in the SYS:SYSTEM\LIB directory on a NetWare server, or from the \NOVELL\NDS\LIB directory on a Windows NT/2000 server.

Within the stylesheet, you need to declare a new name space, which is used to address the class. You then create a class instance by calling the constructor method. To use this method, you must pass the new class instance as well as any required parameters.

Below is an example of such a process:

<!--declare name space in template-->

<xsl:template name="getCN" xmlns:gta String=" com.novell.gta.String2dn">

<!--create new class instance-->

<xsl:variable name="instance" select="gtaString:new()"/>

<!--call method with instance name-->

<xsl:variable name="cn" select="gtaString:getcn($instance,$dn)"/>

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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