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01 Aug 2001

These Tips and Tricks come from the engineers in the Advanced Technical Training group at Novell Education.Thanks to Amy N. Fitzgarrald, Regional Training Coordinator for Professional Education Programs, for lining these up for us.

Tip #1: Troubleshooting the ZENworks for Desktops 3 Files on Your Server.

To do this, first verify that the files on your ZENworks server are the files that should be there.

  1. From a DOS prompt on your workstation (with Public in your path), type the following:

  2. ZENVER /s
    If the summary that follows reports some problem files, type:
    ZENVER /v


    ZENVER /ve  

    to figure out which files you need to fix.

  3. Replace those problem files from the ZENworks for Desktops 3 CD or from the ZFD3SP1.EXE source files.

Tip #2: Using NAL's Uninstall Feature.

Many people would like to use NAL's Uninstall feature, but they've been burnt by it auto-uninstalling. To prevent this, you can disable the ability for NAL to auto-uninstall by disassociation:

  1. Go to the properties of your User's container.

  2. On the Launcher Configuration tab, choose Edit.

  3. Set the Unassociated Days to Uninstall to -1.

Tip #3: Running Inventory Scans at Low Priority.

When the Inventory scanner runs on your workstations, does it render the box unusable? If so, make the policy run as a low priority so that it will use less threads. To do this:

  1. Go to the Workstation Package where the Inventory Policy is set. Go to the properties of the Inventory policy.

  2. Go to the Schedule tab and choose Advanced Settings.

  3. Under the Priority tab, set it to Below Normal.

Tip #4: Extra Debugging for Workstation Manager.

Need extra debugging for Workstation Manager on a Windows 9x machine? Here's how to enable the Workstation Manager tracing:

  • Run RegEdit.

  • Under HKLM | Software | Novell | Workstation Manager, create the string value "DoTrace" and turn it on by setting the value to 1.

  • Right-click on the Desktop Management icon in your System Tray and choose Trace Window.

  • Run WSREG32 or whatever you need to troubleshoot with Workstation Manager and view the trace window.

Tip #5: Information Written to Hard Drives by ZISWIN.

Do you need to know what information is being written to the beginning of your hard drives by ZISWIN (the ZENworks Imaging Agent)? The following steps will help, especially when troubleshooting "No Work to Do"errors. There are two ways to know what's being written, depending on what platform you are running on.

For Linux:

  1. From a bash# prompt, type "img i z".

For Windows:

  1. Enable the Registry key HKLM | Software | Novell | ZENworks, create the String Value "ZISwin Log", and set the value equal to 1.

  2. Reboot the workstation.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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