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Configuring the MacIPX Gateway

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01 Jun 2001

If you want to configure the MacIPX Gateway on a NetWare 4.1 file server so that a Macintosh workstation can log in to the NDS tree and mount a volume, do the following. These steps assume the Mac is using Apple Remote Access and running the NetWare Client for Mac OS v5.1.

Load the IPX Gate Module. After installing the IPX gateway LAN driver, enter the following LOAD command at the server or router prompt to launch the IPX gateway software:


To specify a distinctive name for the IPX gateway when you load it, you can enter a command like this:


Macintosh users will see this name when they configure MacIPX at their workstations.

Bind the IPX Gateway to the IPX network. After loading the gateway, you should bind the IPX gateway to the IPX network, using this command:


The <net_number> in this command must be a unique network number; think of this as the "MacIPX network number." This command effectively binds IPX to the gateway itself. The command can be executed at the server or router prompt or can be included in the server's or router's AUTOEXEC.NCF file, after the LOAD MACIPXGW command.

From the remote Macintosh, establish your Apple Remote Access (ARA) session. This will establish an AppleTalk connection to your local network. In order to use IPX on the Macintosh and mount devices through Novell Directory Services (NDS), you will need to establish an IPX connection as described below.

From the remote Macintosh, open the MacIPX control panel and double-click on the AppleTalk icon. You will be warned that current services will be disconnected, and then you will be presented with a window that allows you to select a zone and an IPX Gateway device in a particular zone.

If you only have one file server running the IPX Gateway NLM, the gateway will already be selected and show up as "greyed out." This is because the default setting is Always Auto-select an IPX Gateway. If you uncheck the check box next to this option, the gateway that was grayed out will then appear black and can be selected. If you have more than one gateway device available, select the desired gateway. Once you've selected the gateway device, close the MacIPX control panel.

Locate and launch the NetWare Directory Browser on the Macintosh. You will be prompted to log in to NDS, if you are not already logged in. The browser will then display the NDS objects that are available in the context you are browsing

Locate the desired NDS object in the browser and double-click to mount a volume, choose a print queue, and so on.

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