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Setting Up ATPS to Print

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01 Jun 2001

If you want to set up ATPS so that you can print to a non-AppleTalk printer from the Macs, perform the following steps:

Set up the printing on the PC side and verify that you can print to the printer from a PC workstation.

Enter the following line in ATPS.CFG using the above queue name:

-o "queue name" -wb -l -f hplaser

Use the -l parameter if you need to use the laser prep file that is needed for laser printers. The -f parameter specifies the font file. The hplaser font file is the most common, but your other options are in the nw-mac\fonts directory.

The spooler will show up in the Mac Chooser with the same name as the queue. If you want those names to be different, use:

-o "spooler name" -q "queue name" -wb -l -f hplaser

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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