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AppleTalk Interface Failed Message

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01 Jun 2001

If you get the error message that the Appletalk interface failed, it is probably because an ATPS queue can only be advertised in an internal zone, such as a zone that is defined on the LOAD APPLETLK statement in the AUTOEXEC.NCF. In the ATPS.CFG file, a queue was defined to advertise itself in a zone that was only listed on the BIND APPLETLK statement in the AUTOEXEC.NCF. The zone was not included in the LOAD APPLETLK statement.

You can correct this problem in one of two ways:

  • Change the ATPS.CFG file to advertise the queue in one of the internal zones (For example, one of the zones already defined in the LOAD APPLETLK statement).

  • Change the LOAD APPLETLK statement in AUTOEXEC.NCF to include the zone in which you want to advertise the queue. For example, if you want the queue to be advertised in the Marketing zone, type:

    old LOAD APPLETLK net=55000 zone={"Admin"} 
    new LOAD APPLETLK net=55000 zone={"Admin","Marketing"}.

Note that the feature of using multiple zones for the internal network is only available in NetWare for Macintosh v3.01 or later, and is not available in NetWare for Macintosh v3.0.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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