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Printing without AppleTalk in a NetWare Client for Mac OS Environment

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01 Jun 2001

If you are using the NetWare Client for Mac OS and want to remove AppleTalk from the server, you will still be able to print. You will need the AppleTalk modules only if you have AppleTalk printers. You can set up your printing with the IPX client through the supplied tools: NetWare Directory Browser or NetWare Print Chooser. You can print to the same queues that the PC workstations print to.

How do I create a print queue for DOS users to print to a Mac printer?

To create a print queue for DOS users to print to a Mac printer, you can choose one of three options.

Option 1. Create a queue for DOS users to print to a Mac printer as follows:

  • Add the following in your ATPS.CFG file: -p "PrinterNameInChooser" -z "ZoneWherePrinterIsFoundInChooser"

  • Then load ATPS. This creates a queue called NW_PrinterNameInChooser to which your DOS machines can print.

ATPS will forward the job from the Queue to the printer. Remember that you must print with a PostScript driver from DOS in order to print to the printer. The line above will also create a spooler called NW_PrinterNameInChooser for the Macs to print to. If you do not want to see this or have it show up in the spooler, then use a -wf on the line above. (The -wf parameter means "without front-end.")

Option 2. Perform the following steps in PCONSOLE:

  • Change Context to the appropriate context.

  • Select Print Servers.

  • Select the existing print server or create a new one.

  • Select Printers <Ins><Ins> and enter the new printer name.

  • Select that newly created printer name to add to list of printers serviced by the print server.

  • Select the new printer to get to options.

  • Change the printer type from Parallel to AppleTalk.

Option 3. Set up the following configuration:

  • Set the AppleTalk name to exactly match the printer name as advertised on AppleTalk (case, spaces, etc.).

  • Select the AppleTalk type as appropriate.

  • Enter the correct AppleTalk zone of the printer and <Esc> to the previous printer screen.

  • Select Print Queues Assigned <Ins><Ins> and enter a new print queue name. Press <Ins> at the Print Queue Volume to see a list of existing queue volumes and select as appropriate. Press <Esc> twice.

  • Answer "Yes" to the Save Changes prompt and <Esc> several times out to the system prompt.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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