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Server Hardware for Attaching LocalTalk and Ethertalk Networks

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01 Jun 2001

If you want to attach a LocalTalk network to an EtherTalk network, here are a few ideas to try.

Cooperative Printing Solutions bought the Dayna DL2000 product line. The DL2000 card goes into your server and attaches via DIN-8 to the LocalTalk loop. Be aware that although the DL2000 may work for you, at the time of this writing it had not been certified on NetWare 4.1 or above, so you may run into problems with it. Consult the manufacturer for more recent updates on the card.

You could use an EtherPrint box from Dayna for the printers. The EtherPrint box will convert your LocalTalk devices over to Ethernet. It can also convert some other types of LocalTalk to EtherTalk.

Check with Cooperative Printing Solutions, Inc. 5950 Live Oak Parkway, Suite 175, Norcross, GA 30093 USA Tel : (404) 840-0810

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