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Using NETX.EXE Instead of VLM

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01 May 2001

If you want to use NETX.EXE instead of VLM or Client 32, remember that you will only be able to log in as a Bindery user and will not be able to administer the network using such utilities as NETADMIN or NWAdmin. The Admin user and any user requiring NDS access must use the VLM or Client 32.

To do this, ensure the BINDERY CONTEXT is set correctly at the server console.

When operating in Bindery mode, the following information applies:

  • The system login script is NET$LOG.DAT in SYS:PUBLIC.

  • The user login script (and rights to the SYS:MAIL\userid directory) are created automatically when the user logs in as a user in Bindery mode, such as:

LOGIN username / B <Enter>
  • If you want to manipulate individual user login scripts, create directories underneath the SYS:MAIL directory.

  • The directory name underneath the SYS:MAIL directory is the user ID.

  • The user ID can be shown by entering the following line (placed in the system login script):

  • Then create the login script as an ASCII file called LOGIN in this directory.

Alternatively (after you've created the directory), use the SYSCON utility to manage the user login scripts.

Note: Syscon will only be on your server if you have done an in-place upgrade from NetWare 3.x.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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