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Interpreting the First Four Numbers on a DSTRACE Line

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Lionel Bartlett
Novell, Inc.

01 Mar 2001

When capturing a DSTRACE trace to a file, data similar to the following is displayed on each line:


Interpret this information as follows:

3A3F94D9     date and time in encoded format
361009361    seconds in encoded format
d04dd980     process / thread number
047    DSTRACE filter number

The thread number is useful because you can follow the same thread of communication when you are troubleshooting a problem in a DSTRACE file. You'll notice that on busy servers the thread stops and starts. To ensure you are looking at relevant Directory Service communication, follow the same thread number back in the file.

The filter number is useful because it's sometimes not possible to work out which filter you need to use. Enable all filters, then look for a line in the DSTRACE file you recognize using the same filter number. Use the same filter as you would have used to capture that line in order to get at the data you need.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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