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Enabling Additional NetWare Cluster Services Options in ConsoleOne

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Simon Lidgett
Novell, Inc.

01 Mar 2001

You can manage and administer NetWare Cluster Services (NWCS) with ConsoleOne. But when you install ConsoleOne, it leaves out two rather useful snap-ins. These are:

  • Add a new Server, represented by a server icon

  • Create a Test Resource, represented by an upside-down cluster resource icon

To enable these two options, simply copy the following files from the NWCS CD:

<cd drive>:\ni\system\tsttools\orionInstall.jar <cd drive>:\ni\system\tsttools\orionTest.jar

Place these files into the following directory where ConsoleOne was installed. For example:


Now re-launch ConsoleOne. You'll see the new icons in the main menu bar.

The Orion Install snap-in enables you to create a new node for the cluster. This tends to be quicker than having to re-execute the NWCS install just to add a new node. You'll have to manually copy the NLMs from the NWCS CD to the new server, plus update the AUTOEXEC.NCF file with the "LDNCS" (this NCF file loads the Cluster NLMs). But it's quicker.

The installTest.jar snap-in allows you to create resources that perform tests on the cluster. This is very useful when piloting a new cluster.

* Originally published in Novell AppNotes


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